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At Crawford Primary, we intend to provide a healthy, positive first experience of school for both children and their parents. We aim to foster long lasting relationships with families as they enter our school community; with the intention of building these relationships over each child’s school career. Crawford offers support to parents throughout their child’s EYFS journey with a specific emphasis on supporting early reading and early intervention for those children with SEND.  

We intend to provide a lively, purposeful learning environment with the individual well-being of each child at the centre of our practice. As we guide and monitor the development of each child, we carefully observe their well-being to ensure they can play and explore to their full potential. This means we focus heavily on the prime areas of learning and give much of our attention to supporting the emotional literacy of children; as well as supporting children to find their own interests and master different skills in their own time.  

We use a thorough planning cycle to ensure we are responding to the interests of each child individually; and we create next steps for children each week based on how they have responded to our lessons and focus intentions each week. In this way we purposely and intentionally build on each pupils development in a highly personalised manner.  

Below we outline our intentions more specifically, alongside how they implemented in the classroom and the impact that can be achieved through high quality, intentional practice at Crawford Primary School. 

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