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Working in partnership with professional caterers soley focussed on the education sector. Providing tasty, nutritious and healthy school meals to children. We share a commitment to providing healthy food for children whilst showing young people how great mealtimes can be.

We strive to introduce healthy eating and a balanced nutritious diet from an early age.



'Our priority is to ensure we serve children really tasty primary school meals they can enjoy – and appreciate as being good for them. We also encourage them to discover the wonders of food by trying new dishes and flavours, and help them begin to understand the importance of a healthy diet from an early age.'


'We have a three-weekly menu rotation that changes twice a year. At the end of each cycle, we ask for feedback from staff, children and parents, and adjust our menus accordingly – ensuring we are in tune with children’s tastes and preferences while providing balanced, healthy and nutritious primary school meals.'

Download our menu.


All children in Southwark are entitled to universal free school meals.


We encourage children to bring healthy packed lunches into school.  Packed lunches should not contain glass bottles, fizzy drinks or sweets.  Foods containing nuts are not brought to school.  Packed lunches should be brought in a suitable lunchbox clearly marked with the child’s name and class.

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